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Nah, shazor is only slightly looser than zathan.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamieem I vote that he stop being such a creepy fucker, the way he talks to the females of this site makes me shudder. definitely. isn't he married?
Yesterday I found a local boutique that was discontinuing all their 2007 Diesel stuff 50% (a formalwear shop's failed experiment at designer casualwear) so I picked up the zathan 71j. I always thought they were too loud for me but they look much better in the mirror than on the shelf, and the price was right. They are definitely about 1.5" longer than tagged, my L32 had to be close to 33.5". My wife picked up the Ronhar 71Y, which reminds me of 772-stretch denim without...
I dunno I think Yoox is kinda fun. The navigation isn't bad, it's just they don't list the wash and/or style, and sometimes they get male/female stuff mixed up. It's like a Diesel scavenger hunt. Speaking of yoox I just got the backler 86t in the mail, they are hot and fucking tight. I think they'll stretch a bit... hopefully enough so I won't have to give up my copious libations of the holiday season
I think the rise is about 1/2" higher than zathans. No need to size down either, they're pretty tight. They fit like pre-2004 zathans.
ahahaha elf shoes... you guys crack me up!
Ron Paul is the king of Youtube, yet CNN gave him much less speaking time than the "front runners" (what's new?) He raised 10.3 million this quarter from individual donors, as much as Giuliani, yet he continues to be marginalized because of his threat to the establishment. Sorry, had to vent. I like Ron Paul a lot, he makes the other candidates look like toddlers. Look him up if you want a real candidate to make you excited about politics for once. Anyway the CNN...
Great timing because I just caved and ordered the 86t off yoox... You got it, backler special washes are 86t, 87j and 86f. The original backler came in lots more. I already have the 87j and it's amazing. Get that one or 86t. I have high hopes for the 86t, but 86f is somewhat bland imo. Hope that helps... it's a great cut, you'll love it if you like slim bootcuts.
they are not that bad if you get a toned-down pair.
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