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A graphic tee should match your personality first and foremost. The brand doesn't really matter much to me as long as they fit decently and won't fall apart after a few washings.
I can't believe this is even an issue. I've owned zathan 764 and two labs of 82n. 82n wins hands down. You have to size down, sure, but the 82n denim is far more refined than 764. They are much softer and more comfortable to wear. When I had them both to choose from, I wore my 764 more for the sole reason of preserving my 82n. I guess 82n is more like wearing a work of art while 764 is just another nice wash. Why not get both? They are both better than recent...
yes, but the 70t had less holes I think... such a hot wash, I wish it was more common.
I think you should get them and let us know! Looks like a pretty sweet wash to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Narciso The heyday of XRotuck has already passed. Sadly, this is true. That 772 wash is a beaut though.
hell yes! where do I buy?
OK bear with me here... I just saw a stupid TV movie called "Holiday in Handcuffs" starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez. I never realized what a bad actor Lopez is... Anyway there is a scene where he plays football in the snow in some Zathan 71S. I was like NOOOO you're ruining the only good part of the movie!!! Also if you watch the Jackass movies one of the characters wears Diesel in many of the scenes.
Gorgeous wash, they look great on you!
most worn: shazor 60b zathan 796 least worn: zathan 82n clerby 82l shazor 71b (sooo damn tight!)
I say real... are counterfeiters smart enough to fake redline selvedge?
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