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Regarding his "constructive" comments... Honestly they can be a little venomous at times. In reality they probably reflect his deadpan sense of humor, but on a forum they can be easily misinterpreted as being mean-spirited. If constructive criticism is the goal, than he is far from it. I work in the performing arts and endure/give crticism on a daily basis. The goal is to make the artist feel comfortable while pointing out flaws that he/she can improve on, and keeping...
Quote: Originally Posted by jetsetter excuse me for being ignorant but what exactly is the purpose of sending jeans on a 'world tour'? Apparently so they can see the world. And by "world" I mean jskidder's closet.
They are pretty nice if you like the zaf cut... like cutup mentioned they are japanese denim. I saw them in person a long time ago at a Diesel outlet and really liked them. The denim was really soft and high quality but the streaks might be too much for some people.
so what exactly happened? did the dior world tour suddenly stop with jskid?
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 xrotuck and zathan basically are womens cuts. Back in the day I remember seeing more women wearing xro than men... **looks at zathan collection** there goes my masculinity...
Wait 7 days, if he doesn't pay send him a warning that you'll report him, then file a NPB report if he still doesn't respond. Hopefully he pays, if he doesn't it's really a shame that sellers can't leave negative feedback anymore.
Other than exclusivity there's nothing really going for these jeans. Not that special imo. Sell them fast before people realize how un-exciting they are.
I can't imagine x-rotucks fit anything close to TR. Rotucks are super tight everywhere (except the flare) and super low rise. The TRs I've seen fit much looser.
Quote: Originally Posted by cagedvr6 How do the Zaf's fit in comparison to the Zathan's? Im linking these. Diesel Jeans Zaf 796 32 X 32 Spring/Summer 07 - eBay (item 260203234789 end time Jan-21-08 09:26:43 PST) Zafs have a higher rise, looser thighs and a bigger leg opening. The flare also starts higher up in the knee than zathans. Generally looser throughout.
clerby 82l or zathan 60f, because they go with everything.
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