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NO i saw what he was referencing...it was just dumb.
what the hell does that have to do with anything?
whatever josh.. Yea I've seen taht site.. I was waiting for it to be all updated but I guess it is now. I think it will be cool if you can design a book and then have them print it and send it to you. sure beats cutting and pasting.
holy shit!! Congrats!
wahooo yipee!! hooray!
Lorna you look so cutE!!! I love your outfit~
i like a lot of their stuff. I'm not really into wearing logos...except for sweats..but I shop there the most in the summer. I love their shorts and stuff. I really love ruehl but I've only been once so far b/c there isn't one near me.
HOLY SHIT! my friends boyfriend is an engineer for the competition that is coming out!
I LOVE ACCORDING TO JIM!!! I even DVR all the old ones so i have stuff to watch. and yes she always has cute jeans!
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