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I have it and it sucks!! I took zantac for a while but it didn't help. Then my doctor told me to take prilosec which is waht i take now and I'm doing much much better! Last week I accidentally forgot it for 2 days and I felt like I wanted to die. I can't imagine how I used to deal with that everyday.
oh taht sucks!!! I hope he thanked you!
I was once in a relationship like that for 4 years... and every bit of it sucked. but I don't regret that it happened and i wouldn't go back and change it...because it has made me a stronger person today. You will be okay. BIg hugs!!
^ Yes I mean raped.
You look amazing as usual!
That happened to my aunts friend. THe woman was in her 70's or 80's and got raped like 10 min from my house. sick world.
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r rockinchick-nice RRs! argyle.. mm! haha hisma-what's your tshirt say? 130_R-your face.. where'd it go?! lol i love when my camera does that. it's trippy, but awesome! maayan-nice sweater! i didn't know too many people who could pull that off when it was in the store, you pull it off very nicely! fits you real well too. not too small not too big. gold with silver accents? sick! i wonder if they have a men's pair...
i have family in westchester so that would be cool. Long island too.
Those look so good! I'm jealous!
woa thats crazy!
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