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oh duh. I've seen that.I just didn't know it was dark seville. thanks. I used to have the regular seville bootcut and they were soo soft, I loved them.
Dark Seville? I've never heard of it.does anyone have a pic?
I'm sure that even the ones that do buy on ebay wouldn't use their real name or address.
As usual.. ^^
Thanks!! Although this asshole at work just proceeded to go on and on about how I look pregnant. I was so close to hitting him.
Nordstrom AG Steve Madden
i think the blue/yellow one is adorable!
I'm leasing a VW GLI for 332 a month and it rocks!!! 6 speed turbo w/ leather and power
OMG I used to DIE when I drank alcohol. I felt like my chest was on fire!! It was horrible
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