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this is a funny thread! I took Japanese in middleschool and high school and since it was such a small program there were only like 7 kids per class and we all knew each other well. My group was always sent to work in the library and we were all sitting around shooting the shit.(no pun intended) I remember I was sitting w/ my legs up on the desk and out the fart jumped. I had no sign it was coming. It was so embarassing. Then I went under the desk and died.
holy shit! thats nuts!!! I hope you get to watch the video! Let us knw what happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by adrianx do you control the coding on it? one of the things that really bothers me about travel sites is that the calendar to pick your date is always set for the current month, rather than the month you're flying. ex. i pick a flight departure date of aug 2nd. my return flight calendar shows me June, rather than August. possible? unfortunately I don't control that Quote: Originally Posted by NYC...
Check it out! the pricing is really competitive. YTB Travel Network - On Your Way Travels PM me if you are interested on how you can get your own.
BMW x5
luckee i love that top!
wow those are beyond horrible.
I'm on my 2nd VW and I LOVE IT!!! go for it!
ewww those are horrible!!!
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