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if you are actually considering doing something of that nature that is completely legit let me know. I have a travel website and you get paid for people using it or for referring people and its an awesome company to work for.
I wash everyother day plus its a pain in the ass to straighten every day.
oh no thats horrible. Glad to hear you and your son are okay and they caught that F-er.
wow. i don't have any words for that. i need to go think about what I just saw.
i think being friends would be the worst thing to do. That makes things even harder. I think the only way you could actually be friends in the future is to have a looooooooong break w/o any communication. you two need to get over each other first.
thats so weird. I use my CHI almost everyday on the highest temperature and i've never had a problem. What do you put in before you straighten? I use some of the brilliant brunette stuff.
its so true about the grandmas. A few months ago my cousins and I were eating at my grandmas house and in the middle of her talking she let the loudest fart rip and just kept talking like nothing happened. My cousins and I started laughin so hard and literally COULD NOT stop!! she got mad, but its funny b/c she always tells us she doesn't fart.
and then there was teh time i was in 6th grade and I was a dance w/ my "boyfriend" right before my dad came to pick us up my stomach started hurting so bad. So I made silent farts the whole car ride home and when my bf got out my dad was like was that him or you? I'm like me. we had to stop at mcdonalds to use the bathroom lol. It was pretty bad.
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