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I'm starting a new job in August and I'm trying to figure out what my take home pay will be. Is it something like 12% taxes? or did I just pull that out of my ass?
wow i can't imagine having a family member like that! Have you talked to your mom/dad.. whichever one is related to her?
it annoys me that they won't take certain things from me but then i see gross clothing or old stuff.
I wouldn't pay him the $11euros b/c its his fault. If you let him go to ebay they won't do anything in his favor anyway. If I were you I'd wait a little longer and see if it comes. Sometimes oversees takes forever. I've miscalculated shipping in the past and just ate it..which is what he should be doing.
i think its ridiculous. shouldn't it just be up to each brand what they do?
The Budget Fashionista -The End of the Discount? Supreme Court Rules on Minimum Pricing
i agree about the new altima coupe!! It is HOTTTT. My mom actually has a solara convertible and loves it though.
wow i thought it was a bmw also! that looks awesome!! i dont think i could make the switch from german cars though.
ihope that toaster makes eggs too for that price!!!
i never had one but i used to know someone that had the older body style from like 99. and he loved it. so did i. Are you getting one??
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