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Happy Bday!!
41%?!??! thats rape!!!!
i feel like with a credit score that high your debt to income ratio shouldn't matter that much. I am in the mortgage industry (for only 2 more weeks..yay) but anyway, when people have credit that high we can "state" their income to make it work. I'm surprised you can't do somethign like that.
damn the closest one to me is in DC. My boyfriend would have gone nuts over that.
why can;t i see pics?
how did that happen in the wash?
yea i thought it was 12% b/c i was thinking of what the employer has to pay. wow this sucks.
oh now i know why i thought it was 12% .. thats what the employer has to pay
i found a paycheck calculator PaycheckCity.com - Paycheck Calculator
geez. i hope mine aren't that.
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