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Apryl, perfect fit, your amazing figure rocks those jeans! Lauriebell, classy and I love the tucked in version as well.
pulse - wooo, love your style!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ross this place needs opinionated people with real fashion experience like yourself to balance out all the novelty-item-jocking, thoughtless compliment giving that goes on in here. When I post pics, I'm not looking for those...I'm looking for "jerks" like JSkidder to chime in and give their opinions. So go ahead and be an opinionated jerk. Very well said There are many different ways of giving out opinions, and...
You rock everything, my dear! Personally I love these for summer
Quote: Originally Posted by trippybrowneyes yay, pics! I really like these on you. I especially like how the black rivets and black patch pop against the blue. are the bottoms of the back pockets blue leather? that part looks shinier than the rest of the pocket. Thanks for the comments! ^I like the contrast between the black and blue a lot, too. The bottom of the back pockets are just made of another kind of fabric that makes them look...
Love them on you. Diesels obviously love you, so you HAVE to get more! And of course, post pics when you do
Here are the new fashion pants in navy blue from revolve. They are a bright blue colour without any distressing and I love them! I sized up in these. I just got them, so I don't know if they stretch much, though. I'm wearing a James Perse tank top and a By Malene Birger top. Shoes from Mango. Sorry about the large pics..If they're too big, I'll resize them
Thanks to those who mentioned me I like the styles of: Southernbelle Trippy Lorna Jayme Bluesmiley Pedo Jess Talk shows cheap ryan csirip hotchoc cel bc3 hips avanti avani vandal iluvshopin And I miss Bizz too, her pics were beyond fantastic! lol, a mix of names and nicknames, sorry! This was just from the top of my head, I know there are some I have forgotten
I'd go for the 26 then, they'll stretch out to perfection If you'd like them looser, then consider a 27. Like I said, I sized up one with all my Ryoths (I have three pairs)
No problem
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