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It's a yay for me
^DOn't see them either. I like the comment feature a lot, I also like that there are a lot more views on one page. I actually bought a pair that had been listed for a couple of weeks yesterday lol. Thanks for hte 30 views per page The last bit of the post is covered by some of the comments though, in some of the listings.
Hmm, I have the original plaid version, never wear it. Maybe I'll sell it, are they really going for that much on eBay?
Opal, black, indigo blue and charlock are the colours in 8IP on the Diesel online store. They only have a 28 left in the black ones, though..
I miss the old mall, I haven't bought anything since the new mall. As others have pointed out, I only scroll the first page, and don't bother with the rest. I seldom visit the mall, with the old mall I checked it out several times a day..
Lorna, you're so beautiful! Those Matics fit you like a glove
I adore those and you wear them very well, HOT!!!
^Apryl, I ordered one size up in these. So imo, you could size up. Sometimes I size up in Diesel, so maybe it's better to say I'm in between sizes and ordered the larger of the two I have the white ones from last year, the 89Q. White Matics are fantastic, you'll rock them without a doubt!!
Jess, those Keates are sweet, and they fit you so well. I love those new Fryes as well, and the doggies are too cute
Ohhh, I want a pair too! Mel, your pic is fantastic, thanks for the sizing info. And avanti, love love love those! I haven't read through all of this thread, so you probably have said it earlier, but where can I buy either pair??
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