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^^Mel, I was looking at the indigo in 5010XX but the grey one you're wearing in your pics looks so sweet, maybe I'll have to reconsider which one to get. I am finally getting some raws and I'm really excited. Can't wait to get them now! ^And vagabond, I'm definitely getting some Japanese goods
^yeah, you're right about the American brands selling for at least double the price. I think it's fairly good to sell on ebay.uk, so I'll give that a shot. Diesel is the same or cheaper here, but they don't have much, or even my size here. I'm going to buy some new ones and sell a lot of my old stuff now.
Well, as I said in my earlier post, I went with my true size in these, and they've stretched out to be too big all over. Maybe it's me, I don't know lol
^hm, maybe I'm the odd one here, but I went with my true size in these, and they've stretched out to be too large all over lol. They're super cool though, and please post pics of them when they arrive!!
Thanks for your comments! I don't think I'd dare to count them all, but I think I might do just that tonight lol, maybe that'll wake me up a bit lol I'm with ya, Alex, the newer ones do have more appeal than some of the older pairs, but some pairs are just classics that I've loved forever. It's a hassle for me to sell, even though I've sold some of my old collection. Shipping from Norway is usually a lot, and I can't get much if anything back from them that way. If's...
I have a large collection of jeans, some SFAM, quite a few R&R, some random ones and a huge Diesel collection. I don't get to wear them all, and frankly, since my Diesel craze started, I rarely wear other brands anymore. I love my Ryoth 8AV ( the dark blue with leather detailing), and it is on top of my favourites list with the Lowky 81M. The thing is, I like them dark and from washing and wearing, the Ryoths are really starting to fade in colour. I still love them,...
I agree with Bebear here, I have some of the ones you have in the same sizes: Rokket 8ct in 25 and lowky 71L in 24. I have the 88Ds in 24, and they really do stretch out from wearing. They are a looser fitting matic imo, and on me they are looser in the waist than other matics I have in the same size. Don't get the 25, they'll be too big on you!
I agree with avanti here. Would love to see the bronze Lowky Although I think the Clush is more of a rock star cut than the Lowky, and it fits the metallic perfectly, these are cool as well. I have the bronze Clush, and believe I have enough metallic jeans for a while lol. And begret, I'm not in my early twenties, but we can all still rock metallics nevertheless (imo) And zee, get themmmm
Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus Like the original plaid version. The first one out, ever? Sell, sell, sell! They usually go upwards of $150. Wow, really? Oh, my! It's definitely the first one out, a size 2, so it's a rare size as well. If they go that high, I'll have to give it a shot! It only sits there in my closet anyway. Wee, exciting!
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