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Quote: Originally Posted by jayme.michelle Tone, they don't sell 8IP on the US diesel online store Really? They have four different colours on the Norwegian site, (well, I guess that's the European one, silly me) Diesel Online Store - MATIC 8IP - Jeans Black, blue, charlock and opal! Not many sizes left, though, except for the opal which is still left in every size. Love the charlock ones, they'll be great for summer. We should get these in...
list for me
cel and jayme, you guys are just so sweet.. Jayme, love the two pairs you got, you couldn't get a pair looking bad on you if you wanted to, both are truly hOT on you! Btw, the 8IP comes in more colours as well, just have a look on the Diesel online store Love the white ones!
wow, how could I have missed this thread? You look beautiful, my dear. The pics are a bit big, so I can't view them too well on my computer, but from what I see, these are the perfect fit!!!!
^lol, thanks I guess! They were brand new when I took the pics, therefore they seem a bit TIGHT.. Now they've stretched out and won't go back, even after washing them...
Thanks, Mel. It most definitely will be the greys then. Pmd you
I only have one pair of Livs, I think they squash my butt.. Here are some old pics of me in them. Liv 81M
Tosay, looking GREAT! You finally posted I especially like the Levans on you, but all fit you great! Love your shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by SFAM ^ Those are Diesel Thanaz 8AA. Lol, now that you say so... I was browsing the thread and just read what I see now is his signature Anyways, love them jeans!
Ryan, love those Diors! They fit you very well. I like the pics in the comment free WAYWT as well
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