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I really like those, and they fit you really well. Looking forward to following their progress in time.
Haha, yeah they're slim but like Mel said the thighs are the most hurtful part. When I first got them and put them on I had to lay down on the floor to button them lol, but now the waist has stretched out well. I'm waiting for the thighs to do the same
PBJ 1069 8 wears Pics taken with flash Worn pics will be put up after they give some more in the thighs
Loving it, isn't the spelling Counterfeit, rather than Counterfeight? (I'm Norwegian, though )
^I'm loving this thread as well. Mel, the tightness of my PBJs are starting to give some as well. At least in the waist area, but I'm hoping the thighs will follow soon. Then I'll post pics. Maybe I should put up some of them now, since they only have 6-7 wears. I'm actually loving these so much that I'm wondering if I should get the 1070s as well.. Loving the fabric a lot. I'm awaiting my skulls and the S&S, but I'm thinking I need a pair that's not tapered, for the...
Mel, those are starting to look amazing..
woo, Hisma, more pics of the skulls, please!!
Woo, Lowky 81M, my fav Diesel!!! They look great on you!
Well, I have three kids, 9, 6 and 3 and I'm still the same size if not smaller than I was before no 1 and in between pregnancies. That counts for my hips too, which are smaller than they were before the first kid. I gained a lot of weight, the most with my third one, but I consider myself lucky and have lost all the weight within weeks after each pregnancy.. My shape didn't return immediately though, so I couldn't wear all my jeans until perhaps two to three months after....
Yes, please^
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