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JD my friend, you look amazing as always. Love the suits, the red colour is so flattering on you!
Trippy, I always love your posts and outfits! Those cayres are coool
1069s still tiight but more comfy now diesel juicy boots from BD messy house today lol
1069s 10 wears, still tiiight but more comfy now boots from BD Top from Diesel Sweater from juicy
Mel: Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I too am wearing long tops these days.. Hisma, my fav male poster in WAYWT lately, love your pics and the jeans look amazing Blake, maybe size down 1? Always great pics from you Jess: I heart your dogs and you. Your pics are always well put together, even if they weren't supposed to be that way
lol, Tone? I like that wash, (or rather, the name )
Looking good! Btw: What does indigo smell like? *going upstairs to smell my pairs*
Anna, those s&s are looking great, and they fit you so well!! I've got some rachels on their way too, although in the natural indigo. I can't wait, they look amazing. Love the cheap mondays too, they look really cool.
During May 2006 there was a lot of drama on HF causing people to split up and creating two new forums, AF and DT. I am still a member at AF and visited DT a few times til the end of it. Only a few people were posting there then... I just loved seeing Bizzy and Haptronics pics, they're really great photographers, stylish and creative!
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