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That is so sad. I'm just thinking, if the toilet was occupied for two whole years, where did he go when he had to lol
^I did, in both chat WAYWT, but they squash my behind so I'm going to post some more pics when they loosen up more in the thighs. They're REALLY tight, but I know they'll give eventually ^^Tsukasa, you're absolutely right, I think I'll just patch up the hole and put in a new button. Shipping back will be a lot, half the price of the jeans to be excact...
Lorna, I said it in WAYWT, these are the hottest pair I've seen your behind in, wooo, and the colour is soo fantastic. It would be a shame for you to return them now, keeeep!!
^Revolve accepts the return, that's no problem. I'm thinking should I get another one in return, or just give up on the brand? From what I've read, I think I'm going to try another pair though I just love the fit on these.
Jenn, you look like a rock star! Thanks for posting them, love the dark wash of 89s
OK, so I got my Good Societys raw straight legs in the mail a couple of days ago. Although they were tight the first time I wore them, they stretched out a fair amount just from the first wear. I adore the fit of these, and although they're said to be hard to break in, they're my fave raws right now. The quality sucks though.. My PBJs have been worn much harder than these and they fit MUCH tighter to begin with (ehm they still are tighter haha), but they're still...
Yay, vickaaay! They're getting along so well! I'm hoping to get mine in the mail any day now
Lorna, those are stunning on you!!!!!! They fit your behind much better than any other jean, and the colour! Like Narciso said, not many could pull those off, you do my friend. PERFECT!!!!!
Matic 8ee Matic 89q Matic 8ep And Lorna, those pics of yours are so hot!
5010XX only 4 wears, looking forward to seeing these evolve Harlot LA made
New Posts  All Forums: