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I can't see all the pics, but of all the ones that I see, this one appeals to me the most I don't know why, but this picture speaks to me. The purple tights against the more brown/tan combination is cool. I like the long cardigan, a lot. The girl wearing it has attitude, and wears it well. From all the pictures I can see, I see people proud of what they're wearing, they wear their clothes very well even though they're all differently build and at different ages. ...
^I agree with southern.. jd and miss b; your co - pilot would look amazing in all of those outfits! Imo, no 2, 4 ,5 and 7 appeals to me the most. (Can't see no 1 though) Love the long cardigan in no 5, the whole black outfit in no 4, and the short sleeved blouse in the last pic. Looks ladylike, well put together yet like the outfits were put together without trying too much.. I'm looking for a word... effortless? Like Anna said, the pics are inspirational.
S&S natural indigo Michael Stars hoodie
Quando, love the outfit! Trippy, I love love project E and I have a vest and a cardigan from them! I liike the green colour of yours. What is that on your cheek lol
Ryan is one of my favs. The last pic, Ryan, is classy Miss plastic alligator, looking so good! I love it that you're really working your own personal style. You rock, girl!
Yeah, pbj slim. Thanks for the stretching info, I'm hoping they stretch even more lol, but one size will do. They definitely make the butt look smaller..
Yeah, I remember good'ole times, 90 years ago for me though. My mom always said, no more yatzy until you eat your dinner, Tone! Lorna, listen to us old folks!
Now we'we both negged your post lol
*whistles* Aaaapryyylll, woooo, it's too hot in here! Smokin hot jeans on an even hotter babe
^Let's all do that lol Keeep'em Lorna!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: