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This is fab, gizmo! Great work, awesome pics
Bright and beautiful. Great pics and fit, Jayme!
I may not be helping at all, but by reading the measurements on BiG, i always assumed the 1069 ran one size smaller than the flares. Since Mel tried on both, I'd certainly listen to her though, she knows what she is talking about. I had a pair of 1069, but sold mine. The thigh part bugged me so much, I didn't wear them at all in the end.. The waist was huge, but the thighs didn't give at all, making the jean sag and looking weird on me. Thankfully we are all built...
Apryl, I sold mine due to the same problem. I think it's a general problem with PBJ for us girls with some curves and thighs.. I think you could try wet stretching them, but what you'll find is the seam on the outside of the thighs turning inwards thus making the sides looking awkward. They do fit you nicely, but imo there are a lot of better pairs out there than these.. I agree on the fading though, it is exeptional.
Zee, thank you for writing this, telling us how you both are doing. It takes strenght to pull through all that you have encountered in the past and am in the middle of right now. I'm keeping both of you in my thoughts, and being such a strong couple of individuals, you will pull through, I know you will. All the best! ^^And Ben, yoga really does work
Lorna, it seems like you were having so much fun, but where's Adam, you should be posting together
They fit you perfectly, vickay! I'm wearing a belt with mine too these days...
^and Jayme, you're looking amazing in these!
^they are hard to break in, so one shouldn't expect much fading at all. So these will be good for you. The advice is to wash these a couple of times with a light detergent to wash out some of the dye that in fact is preventing these to fade. I've washed mine lightly once but haven't actually wore mine after that due to the loss of my button. I'm waiting for new buttons in the mail though.
1867 I remember cheers when we passed 2000 members lol
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