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what wash is it?
what size are they? im looking for a pair for CSps and wouldnt mind fixing the missing crystals. would be great to hear from you cu
please more info!!!!
704009 is fake cut#
looks off...
hm, miami wash? just an idea
2weeks ago i won 2 auctions: a SFAM and a SFAM skirt and both items ended up very low. then, the seller said she wants 35.-USD for each item to ship! i replied, she should not try to fool me, i know the fees for international shipping... then she told me, she wants 28.- for shipping... i wanted my items and accepted. 4 days later: i got a refund and she wrote (i paid one week after winning): "im sorry, i dont have the items anymore, but i will leave no neg...
curious about the crowns
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