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gotta love this forum.
Vickaaaay, did you honestly spend $220 on those? Where did you buy them exactly? I have only ever seen those jeans at stores like Marhalls..and ONLY in the clearance.. I have NEVER seen those in store full price and im amazed you would spend $220 on jeans that do not even fit you.. ? This whole thread is sketchy and ..ironic. I think that you should suck it up and let the buyer enjoy her great score (which we all know is a big part of the fun of ebay..) and take some...
I am so shocked at this thread. Honestforum?
Quote: Originally Posted by ross And she has no hips to speak of! It's the biggest misnomer ever. Just to clarify, i have naturally wider hips and my screen name was made to represent a positive/'healthy' view of a naturally curvy figure.. I made that name a long time ago when i was seeking a clutch to positivity to battle the negative perceptions of my 'weight' in my mind and i love the message it promotes.. the idea of pairing a symbol of...
Looks like a Royal Underground piece.. Just a guess..
^^hahaha, im not a huge ed hardy fan but this was a special gift to me and i like tigers
So it has been quite a long time! Yes, i still look 12! (Im almost 25!) Just me in my favorite hat popping out to the store..Fighting off a stubborn bug... (Hence the pale dry lips and ghost face!) Ed hardy Hat, Juicy Couture cashmere cardigan, Frankie B's (not pictured) and Velvet brand tank ...Annnnd my beloved tiffany's necklace from my sister! -xoxo-
Ew! I wonder how many people clicked the link at work or in front of their parents! ew, the chicks arent even hot.. :/
^^ your a doll, thankyou.. xx
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