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Hi, this is the 1st time I am viewing the new site. I find it really difficult to browse the mall items without photos being displayed next to the title like before. Is it going to be this way permanently? I would like photos to be displayed without having to click on every link.   Also, how do I view my own active mall listings? What happened to the link that allows you to view all a sellers items on one page? It is showing me a list of sold and unsold items mixed...
Did the Bobby Godiva style only come in ONE wash? I just want to make sure if they only come in Medium Vintage and should always have the distressing on the front knee and thigh area. Thanks.
Hi, for some reason I have been getting an error message tonight when trying to access my private messages or go to HFmall. When I click to view my message or HFmall, all I get is 'database error' message. I have tried to click on many threads before this and also got the same message. All I have been able to do for the last hour is try logging in repeatedly but that's all it let me do. Who do I contact about this if I cannot even access my private messages to read their...
I wish the Confused Blue were a size 27 or 28 They look amazing!
nevermind...I just figured it out...duh! LOL
Hi everybody! I'm new to selling in HFmall and don't know how to bump my listing. Help! Thanks!
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