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It's normal that at the beggining, when the jeans are still stiff, that the stacks are a bit hard to make. The technique you talked about is a good one, or you can adjust them by hand at first. When the jeans will be a bit worn etc, the fabric will keep the "memory" of the stacks and they will settle alone after ;)   It just about being patient.   The amount of stretch depend on how tight they are at first. If they are no so tight brand new, they will not stretch as...
They will stretch a size I think.
^ Totally right, washes nowadays are just crap, only 2% elasthane shit... there is like 1 one wash every season that's 100% cotton and it's a dull wash. Now there is jake every season...like "let's reedit this legendary wash so we can make some easy money"....come oooon. And prices keep going up. I have that impression that even raws are not that good anymore but I could be wrong, it's just an impression. I wear my raws "normally"...no too high like a grandpa, not saggy...
The pair on ebay in a 09' and is totally authentic and not altered, I can tell you. A jean altered in the waist make the back pockets appear closer from one another. UMC 08 have different colors paint spots but not UMC 09 that only have white paint spots and a red paint spot below the right pocket. And for your information, I sold my UMC 09 a few months ago for more than 600€!
Aaaaahhh!!! now you got me JEALOUS!!! damn this pair is hella nice, 100% coton, not those elastane blends they make now...   I would say they're a little loose on you, they would fit wonderfully on ME ahaha ;)   And for that price man....i wonder what's the story for that pair... a BNWT after all this time and in a very popular size...not like if it was a size 36 or something....It's like those paintings they found after 30years in an attic and after verification, it's...
^ Don't worry, AUTHENTIC
^^ Maaaan that's one RARE piece you got there!!! Can't believe it's BNWT though... are you sure of this? Anyway, I'm super curious to see what your pair looks like!! post pics ASAP!! BTW, what size it was?? I recently sold my UMC 2009 S29/19cm on ebay too, I put the price at 600€ + shipping with BIN / make offer and a guy bought it without asking anything!! was pretty happy about it How much did you pay for it? like 700$?
The fact that the silver printing on Dior tag has come off has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the jeans being authentic or not...depends on how much you wear it, how much you wash it etc... Anyway, on my side, I juste take the tag off, it's useless, and makes a mark on the jeans when they are worn on the long run, it creates some kind of fading.
@Bolimachine : don't know which country you're from but a pair of MIJ RAW costs 330€ in Paris Dior Stores. I don't remember about the Clawmarks.
Bought those 2 Allsaints blazers, one military look to wear when i don't care, and the other one, more dressy but still casual. Will see if I like them once I got them. I was looking for a single button grey blazer, a basic piece...this one is more like a mix between greyish/greenish/blueish but wanted to give it a try anyway.   got them 50% off , 125€ instead of 240/250€.  
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