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I've been to lazy to post as of late, but some good fits from you guys the last couple pages!
^They're mid-range quality for the retail price. If you can get them for $100 or less, go for it. However, the design and quality is nothing special. Not a bad shoe if you just want something dressy to wear for the next couple of years, but if you'd like a better built shoe with lasting appeal then you'll probably need to look at N.D.C., Paul Smith, Buttero, Frye, etc.
I'm pretty sure there is no recent 21cm version of UMC. Remember that as the waist size increases on 17cm, 19cm, the inseam length and leg opening increase moderately.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gio you know a good shop for schmoove shoes? the official site aint accepting paypal which fuks me up alot, cheers! Edit: shipping in europe Try Revolve or SSense.
Jeans fit looks okay, but the rest could use some improvement. I think a regular pullover hoodie without the chef/admiral/civil war-style bib would look better in the same color.
Looks a little too much like the Canadian Tuxedo....denim colors and wash are too closely matched. Current denim on denim trend is better suited to pairing a lighter color jacket with darker or solid colored jeans (indigo, black, grey). It would also work for the reverse.
Hey, you're Italiano so white is a very versatile color for you Especially in the spring/summer...its part of an essential Euro wardrobe. Mine are the light grey color, but to most people (including myself) they look like white. Anyways, I got mine for around 160 US brand new which is a steal for Dior and even better for my first pair. Don't worry about them stretching too much. Mine haven't stretched a whole lot in the few wears that they've had and I suspect that...
Nice fit, Sushi. I see you've taken a cue from my style book with the white Diors Are yours actually white or are they the light grey color (gris clair)? However, I'm surprised to hear that you wear one size larger than me...mine are a 30 waist. They get quite comfortable once you break them in, but a very versatile pant for summer. BTW, I just picked up a pair of the luster wax bordeaux jeans in 19cm. Hope they fit!
Quote: Originally Posted by dzondlo Well thanks After looking around on his site: I wasnt exactly too impressed by the denim but oh my sweet jesus, the dessert boots are pretty killer. I might have to invest: Desert 2 Desert Suede Beige - J.Lindeberg Those shoes are cool. The only denim from JL that I'm familiar with are the JAY and TED cuts. I agree that some of the other cuts and styles aren't anything to get excited about. Jay is the...
Evil Sushi: you should post some fits with one or two JL pieces every now and then. I feel like most people here aren't familiar with JL denim (especially outside of Europe, Canada, or Scandinavia) so it would be nice to see some other members sporting the label.
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