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    For me the best fit is the slim-straight: the legs look better if they look like two cigaretts.. nothing more (regular confort or loose),  nothing less (skinny or superskinny). I also like classic washes, like stonewash and light indigo that today are very rare to find in stores..  
Hi, I'm searching for a classic light indigo jeans wash.. Fadings, abrasions or scrapes are not particularly needed (for example I like very much the new 0888s wash of the 2012 collection). I prefer the Safado cut because, If I go one size up, it fits me very good and I like its straight leg.   The size should be 29x30. Can you please help me to find something like that in a store that can ship in Italy? thankyou for any help.
Hi, I saw Viker 73P and I like it very much because looks like a nice classic jean. Should I size up or down compared to a Viker 73N? thanks
I'm wearing them from about 1 hour.. the first thing i can say about Viker 0073N is that the wash isn't slim, and the jean is inclined to stretch a bit like a common denim (except the 008RQ Diesel wash that don't stretch, even after several washes!!!).   So, classic, I can confirm what sand_dolphin2 said: go in your true size.   The color is dark blue: the same that you can see in the official online store. The label in the right poket is very visible (just know...
  ok, thanks sand_dolphin2.. so 73N is true to size.   I've ordered it online. i will post my opinion when they arrive.
hi, i was thinking to get a pair of viker 0073N: do anyone know if this wash is by nature tight or regular?   for example: i have a Viker 008RQ that, for me, is a bit tight compared, for example, to the 0073I wash.   thanks bye
do you like koolter? what's the difference between koolter and viker? which is the best one i should buy? thanks
Ok thank you. about microstiching they seem original.. anyway here’s some pics (imageshack sucks) coin pocket coin pocket back: as you can see there are two rivets, but one is hidden microstiching, buttons and labels they have to stretch…
how can i post pics?
Hi, My Zatiny 8RQ had just arrived but they have only one rivet in the coin pocket. Are they a fake?
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