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So this is me today: Polo flag shirt Guess leather belt (not shown) Zaf 72J Sendra boots This is my first WDJAYWT post, I really hope that I don't look like I r*t*rd... But I really love Zafs
So zdenal_cz, do you love Zaf also?
No, please don't let it die.. LOL
OK, thanks for your suggestion.
Yeah I know. I don't like Zaghors shown in JJDenim photos.
I'm 174 cm (about 5' 8.5" I guess?), 70 - 71 kgs. My thighs are... quite big I think, what's the term for it? Thunder thighs?
I don't know... I just think that Zaf is the cut for me. I maybe wrong though.
Uh OK. It's just that I love Zaf so much.
Excuse me, but.. no new Zafs?
No Zafs?
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