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Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder ^looks to me like a tacky all-over graphic t with bootcut jeans and a pair of sneakers designed by a blind child with down syndrome. Zatiny? Bootcut jeans? ZAF is the real bootcut jeans!
Hi, congrats on your purchase of ZAF 72J! I own those too.
Yeah I love all my ZAFs and my GAP shirt. OK dudes, I need to go out now, to grind three or four corny girls at a shitty club, it's saturday night now here... Pizz jizz
Hi, thanks. I don't mind being a guy that would grind corny girls, it's much better than An Orange C*ck oh is it A C*ck Orange? GAP shirt ZAF 72J
Thanks, aside from being like a retorot I am also quite thick, whatever it means. I don't know what you mean by 'a guy that would grind corny girls at a shitty club and take pics to top 40 music while holding a bottle of goose', so I take it as a compliment. No hate but no love either.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder you do So I guess it's cool to look like a rotorttt And this is me today: Ben Sherman shirt ZAF 8IW Same Sendra boots
Quote: Originally Posted by ross I can't see the pics at work but I am willing to bet they are bad. Black shoes really don't go with blue jeans all that well, are you absolutely set on the black shoes/blue jeans thing or is it just because you've been doing it for a while? Yeah, I think it's just because I've been doing it for almost 20 years LOL. I have ZAF 8IW which is dark blue though. Anyway, thanks for all your opinion dudes.
Yes! Another bootcut guy!
Anyone have these? Diesel Workflow Workmate Black shoes. I'm planning to wear them with my ZAFs. Those who have the shoes please tell me your opinion.
Hi w0wieet, thanks for your info, but unfortunately I already have Zaf 8BC. I really love Zaf LOL.
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