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Quote: Originally Posted by Saddock What do you mean? You are saying that this jacket fits small?? Yes, that's what I was saying. I'm 174 cm - 71 kg, and size M fits me well. I'm sure that size S I cannot wear. Don't know about you though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddock Can we still find this jacket somewhere ? size S? Why do you think you wear size S? The size is smaller IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by umac Diesel Laderry Diesel Thanaz 8DK AA V-Neck Hi umac, what size is your Laderry jacket? I just bought the same jacket in black, size M.
So people are still waiting for the Diesel Black Friday to cop this jacket?
I just saw Taylor Lautner wears the Laderry jacket in black (or is it dark navy) here: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/galle...ncouver-04.jpg Looks quite cool.
So anybody bought this jacket?
No, size down 1 or 2. That's the correct HF comment. LOL LOL LOL
Hahaha wait until I post more pictures of me with Zafs.
I vote for anyone who has love for bootcut and flare like ZAF. I love ZAF. Long live ZAF.
I bought all my ZAFs from JJDenim. They're OK.
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