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Hi Balloonstar, I own 3 (yes, three) pairs of New-Fanker 801B, and they don't shrink at all. I wash them cold.  
I only wear bootcuts. Zafs and Koffhas.
Quote: Originally Posted by qtj0ker1980 Hi everyone. This is my first Diesel jean. I really like this cut, what you guys think? I just ordered the Koffha 71j. I wonder how that will fit. I'll purchase the Zathans next Is it Zaf 8BC?
This is me today... 1. Diesel Sonstam button downs. 2. Diesel Zaf 70Z.
Hi sungkon76, how did you get your Zaf 796? 30 x 30 is exactly my size. I wonder how I can get the pair for me.
I love my Zafs.
Laderry is the best.
Kris also wears the Diesel Laderry leather jacket in the rock week.
Zaf 70z.
Quote: Originally Posted by umac ^robohgedhang - mine is a size small Hey, thanks for your reply...
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