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Thanks Zodiac. I might pm you shortly.
Any idea if they got 8gz and 72l in 31*32/34?
My 71j's are 31*32 and they should have a bit longer inseam. You think I should go for 31*34 on these or is the inseam of 8sv remarkably longer than 32" on 71j? Too bad, atticclothing.com doesn't have my size. I'm never getting these from Finland.
how is the fit compared to other thanaz washes?
What boots would you recommend to tucked in look?
the second pair is thanaz 8ux
Here's a new thanaz wash, I guess. http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx#getData.aspx|CallType=Product&prodId=G5 G1&des=&cat=40&gender=men&group=clothing&season=ac tual&seasProdID=49I
Yeap, I've been thinking to go for a longer inseam too. I definetely should have worn shoes, might take new shoots if I feel up to. Thanks!
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: img1439rf5.jpg ImageShack - Image Hosting :: img1438pi9.jpg I got two pairs of thanaz 71j's and this pair is the one with better fit (31*32). The other has sicker wash but they're too loose from the waist, sized 32*32, so I rarely wear them. Can't get pictures of them atm. Feel free to comment upon the fit. Should I sag more? Sorry about not wearing shoes and the mess in my apartment, I've just moved in!
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