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Oliver, my 73v felt almost as tight as 73j first but after few wears they streched out nicely. Luckily I didn't size up like I had to do with 73j. It's wierd how people are telling that 8sv is tight. I'm feeling it quite the opposite.
When I bought my Thanaz 71j the Diesel store sellers, two girls, were both wearing them. I don't remember if I paid any attention to it.
Thanaz 8jf was $415 on ssense but I don't know what was the retail price in Diesel stores.
I bought jeans from maxim vicky few days ago and paid those already..should I be concerned? mivco, I'll pm you the address!
underoath - returning empty handed
Great fit and a nice wash! If I were you, I'd buy those for sure. From the first pic I would have guessed those are thanaz.
for me the white stitching makes those look very cheap!
Oh nice! I thought the code wouldn't work before friday but it just worked for me.
someone should post worn pics!
Thunderbrand sells those for £79.98. Worth the price? Oh, and do you have any worn pics?
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