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Zodiac, around $200. The cheaper the better. : D
I'd give these a try if I could find these somewhere at decent price. :>
are these available in L34?
pics, please! :>
Thanks, mates! I'm very happy if I can get 300 for all of them. Just trying to get rid of those! BTW, how much for the lightly worn Moorix 82H s.31? $50?
I hope we get decent pics of the new washes soon.
How much can I ask for: 1) Paddom 71L 30*32, worn only a few times. 2) Safado 8AR 31*32, hemmed and inch (was 34 now 33). Worn only a few times also. 3) Thanaz 72H 31*32, worn less than 10 times.
Thanaz 73j authenticity check: NWT MENS DIESEL THANAZ 73J JEANS SKINNY STRAIGHT 34 x32 - eBay (item 250571984376 end time Feb-05-10 19:03:06 PST) My friend asked me about the authenticity of these and I'm a bit doutbful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Weenie wow the wash 8I2 looks nice yea, pics please! I've been waiting for pics of new thanaz washes but haven't seen any!
If the laderry jacket is on sale, I'm asking someone to buy it for me! Black and size M, please
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