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Thanaz 8aa 30*34
Zodiac, around $200. The cheaper the better. : D
I'd give these a try if I could find these somewhere at decent price. :>
are these available in L34?
pics, please! :>
Thanks, mates! I'm very happy if I can get 300 for all of them. Just trying to get rid of those! BTW, how much for the lightly worn Moorix 82H s.31? $50?
I hope we get decent pics of the new washes soon.
How much can I ask for: 1) Paddom 71L 30*32, worn only a few times. 2) Safado 8AR 31*32, hemmed and inch (was 34 now 33). Worn only a few times also. 3) Thanaz 72H 31*32, worn less than 10 times.
Thanaz 73j authenticity check: NWT MENS DIESEL THANAZ 73J JEANS SKINNY STRAIGHT 34 x32 - eBay (item 250571984376 end time Feb-05-10 19:03:06 PST) My friend asked me about the authenticity of these and I'm a bit doutbful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Weenie wow the wash 8I2 looks nice yea, pics please! I've been waiting for pics of new thanaz washes but haven't seen any!
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