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I saw Wicked, which I thought was AWESOME!!!! I loved everything about it! I listen and sing along to the songs on my Ipod all the time.
^^^i went there two weeks ago and they had your glass icons
my first was tainted costellos. i still have them but dont wear them anymore bc they dont fit. when i lost weight, i got them taken in at the waist, but then i lost more weight so they dont fit at all.
omg, that tshirt is sooo cute!!!!! can you put modeling pics of the pink sweater you got. i was totally eyeing that when i was at the sale but didnt end up getting it. i was also eyeing the cahsmere thorn looking sweater and the argyle one.
^^^those look beautiful on you!!!! i love the parka. you should plan a snow trip as an excuse to wear it. hehe!
so i decided to keep four pairs from the sample sale: karma air blue Demure Law prism blue eradic
Quote: Originally Posted by terribleterra liliebugz - I'm very new to this whole jeans thing and I am starting to get my own collex going... The top row, first pair on the left - what are the names of those? They are gorgeous! those are karma air blue for women. theyre super comfy! the ones at the bottom that got cut off in the pic, those are the mens version, cyanide bomb. me and the bf got matching pairs hehe!
Quote: Originally Posted by Yousun nice! i think i might have seen you carrying those contagious sins hehe.
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_addict I know exactly what you mean...I want MORE. Just being in that sound stage with everything R&R it made me go crazy. I mean, I wish that was my closet!!! I wish I could go tomorrow, but my day is pretty booked. I hope I get to go on Sunday. If you go tomorrow, please let me know if you find any other goodies. i will let you know fo sho!
no, i didnt see you. once i got in, i was in my zone. LOL. too focused to notice anything. im acutally thinking about going back tomorrow...but we'll see. it gave me such a high, im feening for more!
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