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Sorry, a bit late for this thread, as I'm never logged in here anymore but surprisingly, everything people have said here so far is quite on point. I have a few suggestions for you, though, as I live in Oahu. Occasionally, there's a few good finds at this high-end resale boutique, Paris Station (Paris Station, Buy, Sell & Trade Pre-owned Designer Handbags). Saw a Birkin there just last week. To be exact, Ala Moana's prices are exactly 10% below normal retail at Dior,...
^ I'm able to authenticate, if you send me the links. just a word of warning to you that at least half of dsquared stuff on ebay is fake
etro is great, cheers ben. I own several of the women's collared shirts and the fit is excellent.
as long as you're willing to do some careful searching and repairs, these eBay stores are top dog for amazing finds for rock-bottom prices. I've got a Dries van Noten cardigan (MSRP around $500) for $50 and Viktor & Rolf ankle boots for $60 (MSRP $785) from them. for clothing (mostly women's and accessories): eBay Store - Name Brand Outlet 4320: eBay Store - The Italian Connection: BALENCIAGA, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, Designer Pants Skirts eBay Seller: rtwcloset:...
naw, tee, there's still about eight of us left to compete with you for that cool million dollars
...good point *crickets*
I login this morning to find that Sevs is perma-banned now. this is a very, very gloomy day for those of us who were familiar with him..and the forum's overall traffic discuss.
cultural learnings of germany for make benefit glorious person spence
ben, the phrase is an inside joke cross-posted from another forum, lol *cough* paging skidder
you could always get something that's a mix if you're undecided. i've had a pair of the chanel classic cap-toe flats for a while that i wear quite a bit. Shiny patent toe, and the rest of the shoe is matte black leather. they match nearly everything and never look outdated or 'out of season'. there's also these lanvin ones that have caught my eye. can't seem to find a photo of the all-black version for you right now but they're half satin half patent leather:
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