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thanks all!!
these seem to be authentic.....
hi. i think these are authentic. please give me your opinions. TIA!!
so sorry to hear that! how very shady! can't give advice bc i'm new myself and just learning but keep us posted on what the result was. i'm sure you will win if you do open a file bc item was not as described! good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma did those just end for like $50 ??? My sis just missed an auction for the same ones! If you did great deal nope this ends tomorrow morning and the bids just quadrupled from the last time i checked. won't be bidding anymore
thanks all!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewAddict ^ Wow, it normally cost me $14 to send one pair of jeans to the U.S., with tracking and insurance! She sure knows some cheap methods! Regardless, yes, seems like she overcharged, but it's the same thing for us Canadians. So many U.S. sellers overcharge us as well. One time I paid $20 S&H for a bag and when it arrived the stamp said $4.05. she was from toronto and sent to van with tracking but no insurance....
i just received my package today and it stated CDN $12.06 for postage - it was via canada post and took 7 days. WTF??? she charged $35. that is definitely overcharging - regardless of the fact that i agreed to the $22 for shipping. now i have a better idea of how much shipping costs......and will take a closer look at those fees!
it is $1.38/Litre in Vancouver right now and went up to 1.40 on the weekend for 87. apparently it will go as high as $1.50 for the summer. i have a toyota echo HB and i usually fill when i have 1/4 tank left takes about $40+ right now. boo
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