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Hey all, I've got a quick question regarding these cheap eyeglasses online retailers. Basically, are they selling legit goods or some knock-offs? I'm curious because I realized lenscrafters sells these glasses $200 and another online retailer has the same ones for $120. If anyone can fill me in on this, I'll bake you some brownies. Here are some sites I was looking at: Designer Sunglasses - Prescription Eyeglasses - Oakley, Maui Jim, Ray Ban Eyewear -...
ah gotti... hes every reason why i should wear it except not
ha ok . . . that saves a lot of trouble. ive already added him to my fav. sellers list. thanks for your help.
well, what i meant by signature stitching was that it doesnt have it's bold stitchings... if you see all the jeans on the TR site the jeans all have their thick/bold stitchings. i looked up the light wash on the official site and its stitchings are completely different from the ebay page, making me believe it's fake. anywho i might be using the word wrong here, cuz im new to the jeans lingo, but hopefully you know what i mean.
$216 TRUE RELIGION MEN'S BILLY LIGHT PIPELINE JEANS 28 - eBay (item 110256839255 end time Jun-01-08 13:50:01 PDT) i think theyre legit but double checking... thanks guys and girls - edit - wait, they dont even have their signature stitching and the ebay description says these jeans were released this spring... confused...
the washes i have in mind are billy light pipeline, billly big t light blue wash slacker and billy super T med motor. thanks!
Quick question on the sizing of true religion jeans for billy super ts... I dont own a pair yet but I intend to by purchasing a pair or two online, (i mentioned i was bidding on a pair on ebay here, but i lost ) anyways, i was wondering how they'd fit on me... so lets say a size 29 for R&R floyds or 30 for diesel zafs are a good fit for me, would size 28 be okay for True Rel.??
haha thanks Jon, about time.
well... noone really answered my question but it seems clear that Ed Hardy is never the way to go. thanks for the advice! haha
haha i know that some people dislike em but are they still supposed to run long? or is it me?
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