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they look like these reeboks even though they arent
Quote: Originally Posted by Narciso faky to me though.... lol
i wear size 9 in vans auths what size do i wear in common projects? i have a store credit to a retailer and need to spend it
i like em in this order distressed taupe grey sand
^were their measurements exactly what they sent u?
whats your height/weight^^ [since i dont own any diesel tops] fit pics would be great too
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie ^ I'll post something in WAYW. The fit is great. what size did u get and can u post measurements cause im trying to figure out theyre measurements vs. tagged size a few people are saying their ebay measurements are off
shit the skinny ones arent even that skinny...its a toss up now on which one to get now
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke A little bit more than your price range but the fit on these is amazing from what I've seen: Michael J Krell i like the fit...and actually he offers 25% to SF members..i just need maybe a size 31 [i think he doesnt make odd sizes though] i'll shoot him a pm thnx
Quote: Originally Posted by anthony If you can find them, uniqlo makes some cheap slim fitting khakis i went to the uk site and i didnt see any slim khakis...but u think the nyc store has some? i know someone out there [who doesnt know much about clothing] who i can ask to stop by
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