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any other recommendations from the current lineup?
Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc The 73H wash bakes in nicely and develops a very rich hue with regular wear- almost kind of a 713 feeling in terms of color. Quratt and Zathan don't have as nice of a coloring as Thanaz, Slammer and Larkee do for the denim used; maybe they produced a different ream release at the manufacturing site that was used on those two. Zathan back pockets make it worth it though, IMO so is the larkee not greyish like it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by pogodimi they have these at my local store, they have a much deeper bluish indigo color in person, the gray undertones in the pictures you showed are extremely overexagerrated, they are not as gray in person. Also want to make a note that these can vary greatly from pair to pair when it comes to the fading, and the 73h wash looks quite different on the zathan. damn, i was looking at buying a pair based off ssense'...
prefer straight leg & somewhat relaxed. I'm somewhat tall (6'2") and have muscular legs (so nothing super skinny)... ie: Diesel Larkee type jeans fit me well, maybe SLIGHTLY looser. I'd like to pay no more than $175 and prefer dark washes.. any recommendations? brand/cut?
which is like larkee?
How is the fit on Viker 8UP? I was looking at getting a pair and not sure if they would be too tight for my liking... I typically like Larkee and the more looser cuts since I have muscular legs. How do the vikers compare to larkees in general too? size up to get equivalent fit? or what?
I've heard a few different things, anyone know for sure what Larkees will be available for Spring/Summer 2010? wash codes?
hmm, well I'm flying out to New York City in February possibly, so if it's not updated then, I'll just buy there I suppose.
any idea when Diesel.com will have the new stuff in w/ ALL sizes? I plan to pick up 2 pairs of Larkees this spring & 88z will be one of them.... along w/ "8b2" i think it is.
are these really "NEW" for spring '10 like the diesel site says b/c I coulda sworn they were there last season.
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