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Wow, categorized as drama already. I was purposely NOT trying to make it drama. Oh well. *Duh. I see now that you were kidding, but I'm sure that it will be moved to drama before long.
I would not advertise it here out of respect. You can email me if you really want to know. sales@welovedenim.com
Just wanted to let blog readers know what was going on if you don't see me there anymore. Both writer Jessie and I have accepted writing positions at another blog and will be writing exclusively there in the future. Hopefully those of you who enjoyed the blog will still come read our new stuff and keep in touch via email: sales@welovedenim.com. Best wishes to all of you and big hugs.
Your wish is my command. Asta la...
Quote: Originally Posted by kerrly WELOVEDENIM: Will Hautelook be carrying diesel for us dudes? Yes, they will.
Glad someone got something. Yeah I was dissapointed in no jeans too - sorry for the false alarm. You figure when people say "Diesel sale" they mean jeans!
Only a denim skirt. I know.
I just got an email from the merchandiser at Beyond the Rack who now says there will be no jeans, only Diesel tops and accessories. Sorry to get your hopes up guys - I was originally mis-informed. I told them that if they had Diesel jeans in the future, I'm sure it would go over big. The Gilt sale in the past for Diesel sold out in minutes. But anyway - HauteLook will have Diesel jeans on 3/20!
FYI for you Diesel fans. Wednesday, 3/4 BeyondTheRack will have Diesel. I asked them for more pics of the actual jeans which I will post tomorrow before the sale on the blog if they email them to me in time! Hope its a good one. If you need an invite to BeyondTheRack, use this link.
I was a little dissapointed that they just didn't have more selection too - but I am happy they had Kurts - I love flap pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: