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Those would be called ugly by fugly
Looks like Homestead with destroyed distress areas. 
It's fine.  Just seems it's routine when a new member sees STD/S2D they ask what it means. 
STD = straight to discount.  This means they are made specifically for outlets and discount stores.  The material and craftsmanship is a bit lower quality compared to a full retail priced pair. 
Typically TR jackets and hoodies run small and short.  For your height I would think a medium would be fine but if you are wide on top it might be snug (this is if the jacket runs similar to their other jackets) meaning you might need the large.  Since this is a newer item it will be hard to find input on here from an owner of the jacket.  Maybe try calling them and see if customer service can provide you with measurements to compare.      
They are an older style so they are less likely to pop up compared to a more current style. 
Are you the seller?  
New Posts  All Forums: