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if anyone wants to get rid of hers ... I need a size 26, saddleback or super light vintage, but would prefer saddleback ... THANK YOU!!
welcome!! and yes, these should be real. congratulations!
I'm sick, too. it sucks. It's been the third Christmas in a row that I'm sick.
he doesn't accept Paypal from unconfirmed addresses. I think that's quite usual on ebay.
I need help - quick! I'm watching a purse I want to buy but the seller only accepty moneyorders from unconfirmed addresses. My address is unconfirmed because I'm in Germany. Is anyone willing to bid and pay for me? I'd sent you the money through Paypal including fees and shipping (including insurance) to my friend's APO. Thank you!
Does anybody know if Moni Moni bags have been faked yet?? THANKS!
authentic and hemmed without original ...
omg - soo cute
agree - fake
I love it!!
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