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is it possible that the way I'm going through with things is wrong?...or maybe I have yet to learn the right way to handle it... oh, and a neighbor said he'll shoot my mom, me and our dogs if he sees us walking by his yard...the guy's schizo, but still, that's flippin messed up...what a shame too, this subdivision seems to be going down the crapper in the past few years...
Drift & Die - Puddle of Mudd and Deliverance - Bubba Sparxxx
thanks and I hate thinking this way, but this makes five good friends of mine, that I know of, that are in the military and if this war doesn't end soon, they'll all be deployed there...and I absolutely hate the idea of loosing more friends...I know it's not likely, but there's always a chance you know.. I just don't want to loose any friends that I have made...especially when now, out of the 13 or so years I've had an actual friend, I have actually kept in touch and...
just found out that another one of my friends is going to be a father, but he's being deployed to Iraq on September 1st so he won't be able to see the birth of his kid... so 2 close friends of mine are going to Iraq soon, the other still has to finish training before he's shipped off..and the latter has a kid also.. I'm just completely and utterly shocked right now, just...IDK...just...huh..Good luck to them I suppose
never, if I end up that annoyed/angry/irritated/whatever then I either go for a walk, listen to my iPod (I carry it everywhere, too afraid of loosing it and I like my music; you know like in the movies, you just have to have a soundtrack playing). I find those things and/or thinking of some funny moments while tuning them out and simply nodding to whatever they say works the best But hey that gets me into trouble sometimes, but hey, thats better IMO, than anything violent
Seeing as I'm still a rookie when it comes to jeans, I can't really vote on this, but I do look good in a pair of jeans haha
I have to say, I'm pretty freaking jealous of those that get to see it...would have been nice to see both a Lunar Eclipse and a solar eclipse within a years time for me...but c'est la vie I just hope you all post plenty of pictures for me to be envious of...or something haha
well, while I would still suggest Lilah, Lily or estella, if you only went with those two then I like Maddie better for her. just my opinion though, and dawww Quote: Originally Posted by Flower7287 We've just been yelling "puppy" or "puggle" i think we've about decided on maddie...it was between that or chloe. thanks for the all the help!
aww, she's adorable how about Estella? or Shayze or Lillith/Lilah haha
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