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Quote: Originally Posted by anthony yea the heel is black- black. I was actually hunting for opening ceremony today, but couldn't find any. Those are YMC. Got them for 80 down from 350 Damn, that's a great deal. Ive actually been thinking about getting those but in black leather, or brown possibly. did you buy them locally?
Umm... If you asking this 'cause of my earlier post, I made a mistake. It was 8AA not 88Z, my bad.
They're already released both a SS08 collection and a FW08 collection. And I believe there will be two more collections for 09. FYI, if there's an adidas outlet store in Calgary I'd suggest you check it out, they might have some on sale. Here, at the Vaughan outlet they've been selling Thanaz 8AA SS08 for just under $70 a pair. EDIT: 8AA not 88Z
Quote: Originally Posted by lpalma121 On this page: cashmere sweater by Ralph Lauren purple label, leather vest R.L. Dry Goods, jeans by Diesel, Footwear Converse, Sunglasses Gucci for more info email me wtf? i'm seeing new balance shoes... do I need to get my vision checked?
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I actually ended up sending them back because they were so tight that I could wear them comfortably. Later on I tried a 33W and they fit much better but I didnt buy them. Instead I bought Safado 8AA and I'm quite happy with that decision.
Top 10 Daft Punk: 1. Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger [Alive 2007] 1. Harder Better Faster Stronger 1. Around the World 4. Da Funk 5. Aerodynamic 6. Digital Love 7. Technologic 8. Rollin' and Scratchin' 9. Too Long/Steam Machine 10. Burnin' *I couldn't decide which order for the top 3 so they're number 1.
Excellent. Thanks for the input guys. I'll probably have to wait until monday to get it cleaned though.
^OMG. for realz? I guess I'm an Internet newb.
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