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Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 New sheets. Me too. And a new tv.
Trippy, how much will you and James hate me if I borrow heavily from your sparrows? I love them so much. I can't find anything else remotely similar to what I want. Yours are awesome. MFLO- beautiful!
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke intergalactic plaaanetaaryyy plaaanetaaryyy intergalactic Coming from uranus to check my style... Lolz. They sang that Mon. night.
From last night... xXx matics: Bonus pic:
Last night, was a hot, sweaty mess: xxi vest, michael stars top, dirty thirty/xXx matics, fryes Saw my boys and it was the most amazing fucking thing in the world: I have lots more pics on facebook. If anyone is interested in seeing them, pm me.
I don't have *that* many matics, but from my experience the xXx matics fit more like matic 88D. Rise isn't quite as low and the lower legs are less fitted. My other matics feel more like leggings than jeans, especially 81m.
I think the xXx matics fit more like 88D than other matics.
oh lord. now i am scared my matics aren't going to fit...
matic 86C
Yo, long time no post.
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