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Hi! I im going to by my first pair of Nike today. I asked one of the "nikeguide" maker on ebay about these shoes, if she thougt the shoes were auth. She answerd: The seller is legit. I dont know what legit mean! I speak norwegian and I cant translate the word legit anywere.. What does legit mean?? The shoes are endig soon. I dont know if she meant auth or fake! Help me you english speaking people Thanks alot!
HI! I need help! Id like to by my first pair of NIKE SHOX. In Norway shox cost about $250, so Id like to by them on ebay. But I need help, I know nothing about them. Does anyone konw if they are authentic? Or another place online I can ask? The sellers ID is on the pic. Price is $75 by now.
Hi! Does anyone know i this RR skull methane is auth? They cost $150 inclued shipping to Norway. Are they worth that? Does anyone know if they run big or if they stretch in wear? Thank you!!
HI! Does any one know if this rabbitfur jacket is auth? I know its hard to find and almost no one is auth. Does any one know what cuality a fake JC rabbit jacket have? It is cheap and it is real rabbitfur though.. But I dont by fakes and I realy dont think this one is auth, so I better look around for another jacket
Hi agian! Is this jeans often faked? The seller has sold a couple of these Berlin Methane before and they are realy cheap.. Hmm.. The seller is amelia_wvu Thank you again
Hi again! I had madeup my mind and was going to by the Berlin Champagne in size 29. I think they wil fit. This is my first pair of RR and thats why i struggle with sizing. Then I found these Methane Berlins in size 28. The price is realy cheap, but the waist measurements is not in the listing=( Do Berlin Champagne and Berlin Methane run the same? Do they both strech out? I realy like skinny jeans and thats why Id like to by Berlin. Again thank you al!!
Thanks for quick answers! You guys realy think the jeans is authentic just from one pic? I think I'll by them. Do anyone know how the jeans fit? Do these run big or normal? Thank you again
Hi! I have a couple of questions. Are these berlin methane authentic? The seller only have one pic, but can anyone tell? My boyfriend found this t-shirt and he loved it. But is this authentic? I know RR make some sweaters and shirts but is this an actual model RR have? Or just a madeup shirt? Thank you so al for answering! You are grate help! =)
But it lookes like the line stand a littlebit out of the jeans? Like its not only the wash. Like when you use your flat-iron on a pair of pants. Right? I just hope it comes of in wash..
Thank you!! But one more thing. There is a line on the leggs, from the waist and down to the legg opening. Does it come of in wash? Its not sewed on? I asked the seller and she said that al the Berlin Champ. have this "line" I just wonder if it will go away in wash and wear. I realy dont like this "line"
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