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All Saints Military Boot
Slammer 73j 29x32 like new condition Slammer 71J 29X32 hemmed to L30 slightly worn Slammer 73H 29x32 Zathan 72Y 29x32 BNWT Zathan 71j 29x30 Safado 8AA 28x32 hemmed to L30 slightly worn Zatiny 8GR 29x32 BNWT what do you think?
isn't lowky lower than matic?
embarrassingly now?
how much did did paid?
pics are gone? i have 3 slammers, 71j and two pairs of 73h. i'm still not sure if it's my cut..
hemmed a slammer L34 to ~L31. No difference to my L30 slammers
damn i missed a auction on ebay of 8AA in my size Diesel Trouleg 8aa 29/32 bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 10.03.09 22:25:30 MEZ) just 40€, that's annoying
more Thanaz 71j W31 Diesel Jeans Thanaz, blau, Größe W31 L32 J2394 bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 19.03.09 20:10:50 MEZ) W32 Diesel Jeans Thanaz, blau, Größe W32 L32 J2397 bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 19.03.09 20:11:00 MEZ)
Quote: Originally Posted by zdenal_cz I just received my first and long time wanted Zatiny 72L from yoox with few ink spots on the left back and right thigh and the bottom, some dirt over all jeans and they are great. I don't wash them yet, but what I found here, the ink and also dirt/dust is stable after washes... show some pictures !
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