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unfortunately in Tampa, everything seems to go well with a Hardy or affliction tshirt- consistently 3-4 years behind from my estimates
nothing special IMO^ just a reworked version of 8SV looks like
Diesel can keep their 8AA unless they go back to the days of the treated version when Thanaz came out in it.  I saw the Shioner 8AA and it really sucks w/o the coating
IMHO, those are hideous and Europe can have them- buckles, stitching and especially the soles are all wrong relative to the leather used- DIesel footwear has always been spotty- prolly why Diesel employees get an annual footwear allowance
I do like my Larkee 8SS quite a bit, but still wish they came in Darron, Thanaz or Poiak.. don't wear my larkee's much anymore   Larkee 8FR is still the best wash for that cut EVER
meh, besides the pockets whats the difference between these and 8SV?
it was stickied at one point, but after my last collection pick bumped the thread, it kinda got forgotten again..
the one pair I looked at were all stock photos^  request additional photos and post them here
THey're on sale on SSense, and when I got them I had an additional coupon as well, so they weren't horribly bad. cut is kinda hard to describe- I guess a mixture of Thanaz and Darron- stick with your typical Thanaz size, I'd say.  The denim is a bit thinner than I thought it would be, bu the wash is amazing and definitely worth it.  I had considered the Paironsh in the same wash as well, which appears to be a Zatiny like cut and has more sizes available, but I liked the...
Trouleg s are not a desired cut and 8BK is definitely not one of the better washes that came out for Trouleg.  Expect maybe 50-70 plus shipping on ebay depending on the size.  The most valuable Troulegs are prolly 8BI or maybe 71V and would fetch in the 100-150 range on a BIN.   Just not many people searching for that cut really..
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