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well, Zathan is gone now- you never know..
The closest in color and distressing would be 8b9 or 71B
I wouldn't say 72L..   more like a mix of 73H and 72C with abrasions.  While it does look horrid, I think my reaction may be based on it's showing in Krooley.  I'd like to see it in a different cut or two
While I like the cut, I do not love anything 8AA- if Diesel is going to continue to put out 8AA, they need to go back to the denim they used for Thanaz and the waxy finish it had relative to the dull finish on the 8AA releases since along with a lower quality denim.
Depends on the wash/cut; but typically Dior ankle boots sneakers or monkstraps, Lanvin-style sneakers, Varvatos beetle boots even a pair of suede loafers(not tassle).It really depends on the wash and cut though relative to what I own- I might pull out a pair of silver Puma or bright green Bikkemburg catepillar sneakers to dark ruby patent leather dress shoes if they work with the jeans/outfit.   Viker are not really slim fitting for Diesel; what washes do you own in...
dont bother, I've seen in perosn other DBG sportcoat variations of that one in the same material and it just isn't the best fabric for making a structured coat from.  If you want to give it a shot at least Yoox offers reurns, but I'm guessing you'll come to the same conclusion as me and everyone else that visited my local Nordstrom rack and refused to purchase it for 3 months until someone finally picked it up on clearance for $59
that was a thoroughly pointless reason to dredge this thread up... are you a plant or just have nothing better to do than comment pointlessly on obsure mediocre wash jeans in a discontinued cut from 3 years ago?
authentic, but definitely not worth what they sold for- in fact I would never pay any money for that wash/cut combo
Doesn't look like this guy ever sold his pair, and they were cheap: http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/160776/lowered-price-nwt-womens-diesel-rippy-82m-straight-leg-jeans-27-x-34   While the 82M wash rocks, there just isnt any demand for older women's washes like there is for men's- nowhere near the cult following there
sized up Viker or Larkee would be best bet
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