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Don't worry about the cut, worry about the quality of the wash now- original 8AA in Thanaz, Slammer, and Onijo were a better quality denim and had a light resin coating to them that made this wash. Later releases were cheaped-out on going for a quasi-raw denim, whereas they should have upped it to a more Dior once upon blue finish (which was ripped-off of the original Thanaz 8AA anyways)
When the site first switched over, it was stated that when feedback functionality was activated again, our old Honest Forum feed back would be migrated over.  Will this ever happen?
maybe just the lighting, but 8PJ looks kinda gross and 8W7 reminds me a lot of 71G.  Both don't look quite right on you though; do you usually wear a different cut?  If you were going to keep one, go with the Thavar I guess
Gotta say the washes are improving from 09 and early '10 crap, but yes still not on par with 06-08 washes.   Get your 71B, 8GZ, 72L, 61X, ORIGINAL 8AA, etc when they popup as I still haven't seen much close to that level since
Only others besides Poiak that are close are older than Slammer or around the same time as it- Trouleg had the same upper block cut as Slammer but with trumpeted legs (8BI, 71V & 8DK) and Reslim was the predecessor to Slammer again with the same upper block cut but a bit lower front rise (796, 761, MA118). Neither had zip pockets though
It's one of those wierd one-off cuts that combines different elements for 2-3 washes acros a season or two; kinda like paddop or lyuker
Yes, viker 8EB has a coating to it.  It will wear off though to give it a worn look over time not completely unlike a pair of raw denim.  Because of this it is very difficult to find a pair that still looks jet black
just because you didnt use the sticky thread for checks, no, I won't tell you
All 3 of you lazy asses- post pics of your collecitons or gtfo cause it never happened- it's like a WAYWT post w/o a pic.  And to esoriano, you really wear women's cuts or just including GFs collection?
8wo reminds me a bit of 8HU without the sewing and abrasions kinda
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