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DBG is putting out higher quality items now that Denim gallery is obselete, but I personally haven't really "felt" any of the new washes yet- if you like 'em grab 'em and you can always return if they don't fit right.  Personally, at that price range I start looking at what else I could find along those lines and compare the look/cut/quality, like dsquared as mentioned, dior, prps, balenciaga, neil barrrett, balmain, julius or high quality raws like sugarcane, ironheart,...
what size?
I like it, but not at 300+
take it to the mall- fit pics don't help sell it either btw
check asos
yes, fit pics or take this to the collection thread!
8GK>8AA>8EB>8BI>73H>8SI>71B>88Z>8BG>8II>8BK>73J>8JS>61X>71J>61E   Happy?
or washes are outlet releases; may have been made in another cut but I doubt you'll find em if they were
Actually, tons of people used to post here when everyone ripped on eachother, though that time period also coincided with the old site format and a stronger fan base for Diesel overall.
Don't worry about the cut, worry about the quality of the wash now- original 8AA in Thanaz, Slammer, and Onijo were a better quality denim and had a light resin coating to them that made this wash. Later releases were cheaped-out on going for a quasi-raw denim, whereas they should have upped it to a more Dior once upon blue finish (which was ripped-off of the original Thanaz 8AA anyways)
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